Bold ideas and tactical legal solutions

The past few years have witnessed growing disillusionment among individuals and businesses with legal companies. Many clients cite poor customer services and excessive legal fees that still do not yield the desired results. Prime Case was established, keeping in mind this very frustration inherent in the market among the clients.

This is why it made concerted efforts to not only enhance customer service and ensure cost-effective fees but also made access to lawyers easy. The demand for superior legal service compelled Prime Case to focus more on the quality of services and reasonable charges. Our key achievement in this regard has been readily accessible lawyers.

The first step to bringing about a change was liberating the company from the traditional mindset that drives most legal firms’ business operations. The approach to services was an innovative one that relied heavily on modern technology with an entrepreneur approach.

These tenets are our founding principles. We managed to avail great opportunities with numerous clients heaping praise for our superior quality services. Another reason why Prime Case made an impact in the market within a short time was its ability to offer cost-effective services in a client-friendly manner.

The rise to fame has been achieved within a short time. We maintained our core mission as ensuring customer satisfaction. This very aspect has been a source of encouragement for us. We moved to introduce innovation into our legal practice by adopting ways that were sophisticated and different from the earlier flawed approaches inherent in the market.


Diversity, equity and inclusion

Our list of satisfied clients reflects our hard work that has produced positive results for our valued clients. This feat has been accomplished due to our ability to render legal services at an economical price, which every individual and business could easily access.

As part of our vision, we aim to reach out to every business and individual to assist them in their legal woes. Our lawyers are instilled with leadership qualities that allow them to pursue client cases with a professional will, passion, and determination.

We do not forget professional humility while proceeding, which ensures high levels of customer service. As a recently formed company, Prime Case has catered to challenging situations with a resolute victory due to sound commercial judgmental and integrity on the part of our legal team.


Creative ideas for complex challenges

We are a premier business law firm, registered as a limited liability Incorporation in United Kingdom, with regional reputation and stature established by handling complex litigations, arbitrations and legal services. Since we believe that our success depends on our clients’ success, we add value for our clients by providing superior legal services and responsive advice, and to earn our clients’ loyalty by serving their interests and helping them in achieving their goals

PrimeCase is a premier international law firm that to achieve results that exceed expectations through Our Commitment to Our Clients Adding maximum value to their business. Being accessible, efficient, responsive and technologically sophisticated, we committing to Our Clients adding maximum value to their business Promoting active involvement and leadership on the part of our firm and ourselves

Executive Summary

A history of success

Through the years of practice of its’ members and their high qualification, Primecase is considered as among the known law firms for its integrity, credibility, effectiveness and efficiency, as well as its diversified and broad range of services the firm afford its clients with consistency and competency, all integrated in one office.

Primecase is astute in various areas of the legal profession. Partners and associates at Primecase possess not only the legal credentials, but also the practical experience in their respective field of specialty.

Thus, the firm is uniquely qualified to perform required services with reliance and certitude. The services of the firm are retained by various, highly regarded organizations and establishments, locally and internationally.

Also, Primecase has an established cooperative relationships and affiliations with distinguished law firm and private consultation firm worldwide. In addition to its’ totally five offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Amman, London, and Cairo, Primecase has also entered into affiliation relations with different well-known law firms in different jurisdictions in the Middle East, to cover the needs of its’ clients for skilled legal cover in said regions.


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